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San Gabriel High School Library
Information and Guidelines
Staff: Ms. Tom, Librarian
Library Hours: Monday-Friday 7:30 – 3:30

Special hours may be in effect during minimum days or other times.  Changes in hours are usually posted on the front doors and in the bulletin.

Classes in the Library:
Teachers should contact the Library to schedule classes as soon as possible.  Requests for orientation/presentation should be made one week prior to the library visit. If the teacher is absent, the class visit is automatically canceled.  Exceptions to this must be discussed in advance with the librarian.

Checking Out Library Items:
Students and staff may check out up to 4 books.  Most books circulate for three weeks.
Videos and DVDs are checked out to teachers only. Students must have current SGHS I.D. card to check out books and to use computers in the library.  No exceptions!

10 cents per page
Computers in the Library:
The library currently has 4 computers with Microsoft Office and 16 computers with Internet access and Microsoft Office.  Students must have current SGHS I.D. card with “WWW” to use these computers. Students must sign up to use the computers at the Circulation Desk with one of the library staff.  A particular computer will be assigned to a student.  When done, sign out at the Circulation desk. The network printer is located behind the Circulation Desk.  Library Staff will give the student the copy.  Printing is 10 cents per page.

Internet Use:
  • Students are NOT to read or write personal e-mails, play games, enter chat rooms or any other inappropriate sites.
  • Internet is for educational research that is assigned by a teacher.
Library Rules:
  • No eating or drinking of any kind.
  • During class time, each student must have a written green hall pass to the library from the teacher.  No more than 5 students from each class.
  • Students must pay off any library or textbook fines before checking out additional items.
Resources for students and teachers