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Attendance & Discipline Policies

Attendance: The law states: Students absent without a valid excuse for three full days in
one school year or tardy in excess of thirty minutes during the school day on any three
school days in one school year without a valid excuse, or any combination thereof, shall
be classified as a truant and reported to the attendance supervisor.
A student is considered truant if he or she is:
• Absent three days or more without a valid excuse.
• Tardy thirty minutes or more three times.

The law permits students to be absent for certain reasons. Parents may write a note or
call the attendance office at 626-943-6816 to excuse the absence. The most common
valid excuses are: Illness or quarantine, medical or dental appointment, funeral
attendance, Religious holiday or ceremony, or court appeal.

When calling or writing a note include the following information: current date, name of
student, ID number, specific reason for absence, dates of absences, identify the person
calling or writing the note (parent signature).

If a student is absent for a reason that is not excused as listed above, the parent or
guardian must still contact the office or write a note about the reason for the absence.
Your attendance record is marked as a “CUT” if the absence is not verified.
Sometimes the parent, or the school, becomes concerned that notes presented are forged,
or that calls are not made by the authorized parent or guardian. In these instances,
additional information will be required. In some circumstances, a student may be
required to see the Health office, or bring a note from the doctor.
A readmit slip is required to re-enter class after any kind of absence.
Students must report to the Attendance Office prior to going to class to obtain a “readmit slip”.
Teachers will not accept students who have been absent without a “re-admit”.
When returning from an absence, come to school early to allow enough time to get the
“re-admit”. Make sure you have your ID card to show at the Attendance Office window.
If you have a note containing all the necessary information, the absence will be coded on
your attendance record.

Good attendance and improved attendance are recognized with certificates of
accomplishment. Students who come to school on time everyday have the best grades
and participate fully in all the school has to offer.

The school provides a variety of services and consequences regarding attendance. A
conference with the counselor, parent and student is a common first step to address
attendance issues. This serves as an opportunity to solve any problems that may affect
attendance. In some cases, parents walk their children to class, or attend school with their
child. Further measures include mailing truancy notification letters home, having a
conference with the Assistant Principal, scheduling hearing with the School Attendance 
Review Team (SART), the School Attendance Review Board (SARB) and/or referral to
court. Attendance at assemblies, pep rallies, dances and formals may be by curtailed for
students with unsatisfactory attendance record.

Students who are late to class will be assigned Academic Make Up Time.