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“The California Legislature believes that the individuals who are most affected by the operation of the school should have a major role in the decisions regarding how a school functions. It is the belief that education should be a joint effort of parents, teachers, administrators, and other school staff – whose common goal is the success of all students, as well as having the most direct an ongoing contact with those students.”
The School Site Council is an organization made up of the principal, teachers, parents, students, and other school staff (see membership list for more information). This group is directly involved with the development of the school’s Single Plan for Student Achievement, overseeing the allocation of site categorical fund resources, and prioritizing improvement strategies to increase student achievement.
School Site Council meetings are generally held the third Thursday of every month at 7am in the Principal’s Conference Room. Agendas are posted at least 72 hours in advance as required by law.
For more information or to register a concern or complaint with the Single School Plan please contact:
Office of Curriculum & Instruction 943-6840
Spanish – Bea Macias 943-6813
Chinese – Binh Tran 943-6814
Vietnamese – Ann Huynh 943-6815

Dear Parents, 
Please take a moment to vote for ONE (1) parent representative for School Site Council 2020-2021. The window for election is from 8/28 to 9/4/2020.  Please one vote per family, results will be posted on our website on Tuesday, 9/8/2020.  Thank you for your time.
SSC Parent Election 2020-2021 (Chinese)