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Although this transition to distance learning has certainly been hard for most people, I feel as if that my nominee has integrated excelled in spite of this. From what I have heard from acquaintances, teachers, and herself, Emily regularly attends office hours for her rigorous courses --this year, she is taking multiple AP classes-- and regularly collaborates with her peers to complete work for said AP classes. Along with this, I find that she does not gloss over the details. Once, she told me that she spends upwards of 5 hours completing her assignments for AP Lang, and she also spends a wealth of time with AP Chemistry. Rather than skipping over things, she consults her peers and others for help before moving forward. And, as a member of the cabinet for a certain club, I can tell that she hasn't missed a single meeting nor event that has been offered by us. Aside from our club, she is also a member of clubs such as MESA, and I doubt that she misses those events either.
Ashley Young is an all around amazing VAPA student. Not only is she the publicity manager for drama club, she has acted in every production possible since her Freshman year. During her 11th-12th grade years she was cast as main roles in all four productions, taking parts in many production like our Drama's most recent "The Brothers' Grimm Spectaculathon" along with the current "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown". Her arts that she contributed towards the Drama Club when we advertise our production is very pretty. This year she, along with other seniors, directed the play, "I don't want to talk about it". On top of all that, she is also active in Art Club and is an amazing artist. Ashley can do it all! She can sing, act, dance, paint, and draw! She is very active in the visual arts community and a very talented individual.