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Membership List

Secondary School Site Council Membership: 12 members minimum

Education Code Section 64001 requires that the school plan be reviewed and updated at least annually, including proposed expenditures of funds allocated to the school site through the Consolidated Application, by the school site council. The current make-up of the council is as follows:

Names of Members Principal Classroom Teacher Classified Parent or Community Member Secondary Student AP/Instruction
Debbie Stone X
Mark Juarez X
Kristine Chung X
John Mason X
Charis Luu X
Beatriz Macias X
Kyle Qi X
Emily Dong X
Isabella Tam X
Dong Bing Dai X
Sylvia Juarez X
Enrique Benitez X
Jeannie Gutierrez X
12 Members + 1 student alt

The council must be constituted to ensure parity between (a) the principal, classroom teachers and other school personnel and (b) parents of pupils attending the school or other community members.  Classroom teachers must comprise a majority of persons represented under section (a). At secondary schools there must, in addition, be equal numbers of parents or other community members selected by parents, and students. Teachers, other school personnel, parents and (at secondary schools) students select representatives to the council (Education Code 52012).