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Enrollment & Withdrawal Information

Enrollment - Parents must enroll their child in the Guidance Office of San Gabriel High School. Parents need to bring their child's birth certificate, a utility bill to verify residency, and a valid form of identification. The registration documents will be collected by one of the Guidance Office Technicians or Secretaries for processing. A parent may enroll their child at anytime during the school year in the Guidance Office. A copy of the student's transcripts (report cards) will assist the Guidance Counselor in establishing an appropriate academic schedule for the student. 

Withdrawal - Withdrawal from San Gabriel High School takes place in the Guidance Office. Parents must formally withdraw their child from San Gabriel High School if they have moved or the child needs to attend another school by coming into the Guidance office to complete the Withdrawal documentation. 

Change of Student Information - The parent or guardian must notify the school of changes in contact information. Parents / Guardians need to come to the Guidance office to complete the Change of Information Form and submit the form to the Guidance Office Technicians.

Transcripts - Students may request copies of their official records (transcripts) from the Records Office located in the Attendance Office. A fee of $2.00 is charged for each copy after the first one.