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Counseling Office Q&A

Dear new students and Parent/Guardians of new students:

Welcome to San Gabriel High School! We recognize that this year will be challenging, yet one filled with new learning for everyone. San Gabriel High School continues its commitment to providing every student a high-quality education in a safe and supportive environment, with access to resources and support.


Below are frequently asked questions with answers, if you need additional assistance please call our Counseling Office at 626-943-6830.

How do I register/enroll as a new student/returning student?

Please visit or click on the enrollment information tab. On the AUSD homepage you will find Parent Resources. Under the drop down there will be an Online Enrollment tab. There you will find instruction videos, required documents, and support information. Click on the red tab for new students and the green tab for returning. 


What happens after I register?

Once the online registration is complete and all documents, including immunizations and transcripts have been received. Students will receive an email to meet with their counselor to schedule classes. 


How do I view my schedule?

Please log on to your Parent/Student Portal account to view your schedule:


How will I login to my student email?

  1. Type in web browser:
  2. Enter username (ID#) and password
  3. Once you login to student email, you can join google classroom(s).


How will I access my classes?

  1.  Students must check your PowerSchool account for specific Google Classroom codes to find additional information to login.  
  2. Here is a presentation to help students with Google Classroom


Who can I contact if I believe there is an error in my schedule?

If you believe there is an error, please email your counselor. As your schedule is being reviewed by your counselor, attend all your classes.  Your counselor will follow up with you. Please note that requests for a different teacher, a different period, or a different elective are not schedule errors. Please note, the counselors need at least 48 hours to get back to you. 


What is our Bell schedule this year:

SGHS-Bell Schedule 2021-2022


How do I get a chromebook? 

New students will be assigned a chromebook during enrollment. Returning student distribution dates are posted on our website. If you missed the date or have any other questions please email [email protected].  Each student is required to have a device so that they can engage actively during the class time. 


How do I get textbooks? 

New students will receive textbooks during their new enrollment. Upcoming textbook distribution dates are posted on our school website. If you have missed the date or have any questions regarding textbooks, please email Ms. Perez at [email protected].


Who can I contact if I need technical assistance?

Please email with your questions to [email protected]. Please note, the response time can be anywhere from 24-48 hours. We thank you for your patience.


How do I report that my student will be absent or will need to leave school early?

Please give the Attendance office a call at 626-943-6816. 

How do I check my student out of San Gabriel High School to another school?

Please call our office to schedule an appointment during our office hours. Please bring your ID, return all books, Chromebook, and/or any other school property when checking out.

How do I check my student into Virtual Learning?

Please request the change through your parent portal through the forms link. You can also email/call us at 626-943-6830 so we can send you a survey link. For further virtual questions, please call 626-943-6681.

Are virtual classes the same as the in person schedule?

No, your student will be checked out of San Gabriel High School and enrolled into Independence High School. Your student will be enrolled in 1:1 and/or small group instruction with grade level peers from across our district. Your student will be assigned to a teacher for weekly instruction.

Can my student return to In Person learning?

Yes, please go to your Parent Portal and find the Forms tab on the left hand side. There you can request to withdraw your student from Independence High School. Please note, it is not guaranteed that your student will return to their previous school schedule. 

How do I request transcripts?

Transcript requests must be made online using our automated student record/information request system. Please visit for your online request. 

How do I update my contact/emergency information?

Please email/call us with your requested information change or visit our counseling office. 

Who can I contact if I have other questions?

We encourage you to visit our SGHS website at for the most up to date information on upcoming events and resources for students and parents.  


If you need additional assistance, please contact one of the offices below for assistance. 


Office of Instruction 

Information in the Office of Instruction includes questions about Advanced Placement, School Site Council, home language support, course information, categorical programs, and parent involvement.


If you need assistance or have questions,call us at 626-943-6840 or email Ms. Jocelyn Castro at [email protected]


Office of School Counseling

Information in the Office of Counseling includes questions about Graduation and A-G requirements, career planning, academic concerns, or social-emotional resources. Here you will find information about joining your counselors on the remind app, Gateway services, and many other resources: Office of Counseling, Counseling resources


A message from our San Gabriel High School Counselors:


Welcome to San Gabriel High School! We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves. As School Counselors, our primary responsibility is to promote the academic, personal, and social development of all students. We look forward to offering you support!


Your counselor is assigned by the first letter of your last name:


Mr. Alfredo Larios, A - Fe

[email protected]


Ms. Devin Vergo, Fi - Li --- PODER 9th Grade

[email protected]


Mr. Carlos Jimenez, Lia - Ort --- PODER 12th Grade

[email protected]


Ms. Elaine Jong, Os - To --- PODER 10th Grade

[email protected]


Ms. Solinet Wong, Tr - Z  --- PODER 11th Grade

[email protected]


Assistant Principal, School Counseling: Mr. Rene Regalado

[email protected]


If you need further assistance or have questions please call us (626) 943-6830.


Office of Business and Activities

You will find information about clubs, athletics, fundraising, instructional materials, lunch pick up or textbook pick up please contact the office of Business and Activities with the information listed below.


If you need assistance or have questions please call (626) 943-6820 or email Assistant Principal of Activities, Mr.Toribio at [email protected]


Office of Student Support Services

If you have concerns or questions about expectations or need help please contact the Office of Student Support Services with the information listed below.


If you need assistance or have questions please call (626) 943-6850 or email Assistant Principals of Student Support Services, Ms. Jessica Castillo, [email protected] and Mr. Shaun Thomas, [email protected].