Athletics & Activities » Homecoming Pep Rally 9/24/18

Homecoming Pep Rally 9/24/18

San Gabriel High School is pleased to share the following high-spirited videos from our school!
Student achievement goes to the heart our of campus!
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Homecoming Court
Credit goes to Bryan Lam for the video
Football Player preview of Homecoming Game 2018 by The Matador
Homecoming Pep Rally 2018 by Yearbook:
Homecoming Behind-the-Scenes 2018 by ASB:
Homecoming Game High-Lights
Fall Rally 2018 by ASB:
The Matador's Facebook page where we post videos: more homecoming profiles here:
ASB's Facebook page:
The Matador staff who made these videos are Brianna Huynh, Enrico Gonzales, Selina Han, Lauren Ballesteros, and Chelsea Li.
 Thanks for watching!