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Why Serve a Grab ‘N’ Go Breakfast?
Instead of a traditional cafeteria service, Grab ‘n’ Go breakfast service brings breakfasts to the students, making it easier for them to eat breakfast at school.
Grab ‘n’ Go allows students the flexibility and choice to eat breakfast where and when they want. It cuts down the serving time and waiting time in line.
How Does a Grab ‘N’ Go Breakfast work?
*It's free for all San Gabriel High School students!*
Grab ‘n’ Go breakfasts are packaged in paper bags, boxes, or trays. Students pick up their breakfast and eat it when and where they want, within school guidelines.
Pre-packed breakfasts are served from mobile service carts located in high traffic areas such as the school entrance, cafeteria, hallways, or near the gym. A cafeteria staff member operates the cart before school, during morning break, or between classes. Items are marked with different tags: Take Now, Eat Later for items that can be stashed and eaten later, such as muffins and fresh fruits, or...
Eat Now for items that should be consumed immediately, such as frozen juice, hot items, or milk. Students can take the breakfast and eat it outside, in the hall, in class, or in the cafeteria, depending on what the school decides is appropriate. The serving carts are usually equipped with a computer or point of service machine.
What Should We Expect as A Result of Grab ‘N’ Go?
More students will eat breakfast at school.
There will be better academic achievement.
There will be a decrease in tardiness.
There will be a decrease in nurse visits.
There will be a decrease in school suspensions.
There will be better social emotional learning results.
There will be an increase in community involvement to foster a “whole” student.
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