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New Attendance Policy

We have a new attendance policy in place that teachers will be following. Positive attendance puts our students on the road to success and increases their chances of being successful. Consequences for truancy and tardiness can include detention during the day, after school, and/or on Saturday. Excessive tardiness can result in meetings with school and local authorities. The biggest thing being tardy does is put you at a deficit from being successful and it also disrupts your classmates from their learning when you walk in late. Teacher aides are also expected to be on time. There will be additional consequences for those who are tardy to first period. Please click the attachment to see the entire policy.
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Morning Drop-offs - SGPD to start ticketing for illegal U-Turns

It is important to have your students to campus on time, but it is also important that it is done safely. Please drive safely in the areas surrounding campus. U-turns on Ramona are illegal and dangerous. The last thing we want is for someone to get hurt or at the least get a ticket.
Tardy Sweeps: We will begin collecting names of students who are late to campus. They will be assigned a 30 minute detention. If the student does not show up, they will then have a 45 minute detention.
Success begins with being on time.
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Class Ring Orders

Herff Jones ring company will be on campus Tuesday, September 17th and Monday September 23 taking ring orders, it is a $60.00 deposit to get the ring started, pick up your ring packet in the activities office or visit to design your ring online!
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