Our students, all of our students, are capable of great accomplishments.

Once again, SGHS students represented Alhambra district and our school well. This time they went head to head with schools that are sponsored by USC, UCLA, CSULB. There were about 50 high schools including our sibling Alhambra High. I'm happy and proud to let everyone know our SGHS MESA team came back with awesome results.

Team Math Level A (Algebra 1 + Geometry contents): 3rd place

Team Math Level B (Algebra 2 + Trig/Precal + Calculus): 1st place

Solo Algebra 1: 1st place

Solo Algebra 2: 1st place

Solo Trig/PreCal: 1st place

Solo Calculus: 3rd place

Model Science (The Heart): 3rd place

Mouse Trap Car (30 degrees incline): 3rd place design and 1st place performance

Speak Out (topics on Environmental): 1st place

Egg Drop (package drop of top of level 6 parking structure): 1st place

Balsa-wood Air Plane (Blueprint + Longest flight time): 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. 5 of our planes flew too high and stuck on trees.

Prosthetic Arm (Technical Paper, Academic Display, Presentation, Performance): 2nd and 3rd in Academic Display. 6th and 7th place overall.

In summary, our SGHS MESA team placed in all events.

-Mr. Nguyen
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