Graduation Information and Notes

As we come upon our 2013 Commencement ceremony at San Gabriel High School, we want to make sure students, parents and community members have as much information as possible.

Students have already signed their graduation participation agreement. Students agreed to:

-Arrive at the Auditorium* at 4:30pm for graduation lineup. Any students arriving after 4:30 will not be permitted to participate.

*This is a change from what was listed on the graduation participation agreement

-Wear a cap and gown as selected by the school and make no changes to the traditional attire.

-To wear appropriate attire with their cap and gown in accordance with the dress code  appropriate attire with their cap and gown in accordance with the dress code:

Girls Appropriate Attire: Dress (not too short), skirt and blouse outfit, dressy pants and dress shoes, dress boots or sandals

Boys Appropriate Attire: Dress shirts, preferably w/ a tie, dress slacks and dress shoes. No flip flops, sandals, hiking boots or tennis shoes!

-Follow graduation procedures as rehearsed

-Not consume any alcoholic beverages or drugs prior to or during the graduation ceremonies

-Not call attention to themselves or commit any act that will disrupt the ceremony


-All fines must be cleared by Wednesday, 5/29/13.

-Each student will receive 5 tickets. There is a very small chance additional tickets may become available, but most likely will not. Please do not count on getting additional tickets.

-No balloons, flowers, noisemakers, beach balls, umbrellas or strollers are allowed. Small children must sit on a lap.  

If you have any questions, please call the Business & Activities office at 626-308-2356

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