Principal’s Message


For more than 50 years the staff and students at San Gabriel High School have lived by these words. You will see our pride demonstrated in our increasingly strong academic culture, our integrity on the playing field, and in the variety of activities we offer. As our tradition of academic excellence grows it is matched by our pride as Matadors.
Our students come from both the Alhambra and Garvey school districts. You will see on this website our ethnic diversity, our multilingual student body, and our varied community. It is at San Gabriel High School that we come together as Matadors. To do this successfully, we have as a priority the development and maintenance of communication lines that spread our message well beyond our campus and invite participation from all corners of our community.

I know you will join me in celebrating the pride, tradition, and excellence that is San Gabriel High School.

To Middle School Students and Parents:

San Gabriel High School opened its doors in 1955. Over these years many students, parents, teachers and principals made sure that San Gabriel High School stands out as an excellent institution of learning. Their hard work has provided us with a tradition of excellence. We are proud to share it with you and glad that you will be joining us.

Welcome to San Gabriel High School, home of the Matadors where we endeavor to display pride, tradition and excellence in everything we do.

We hope you will choose to participate fully in all our school has to offer. We are proud of our academic program, our athletic program and our activities.

In July of 2004 we received confirmation that our school was granted a full term of accreditation by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). This body has determined that our academic program offers a quality educational experience to all students. When you come to SGHS you will soon see us proudly flying the WASC flag in front of school to advertise this achievement to our community. Our library is open every day at 7:15 for students to do research and check out materials. Classes are often scheduled for sessions during the day. This beautiful facility reflects the importance we place on academics at SGHS.


Our athletic program is a wonderful way for students to support their school and learn important skills that will benefit them in school and in life in general. We offer a full range of athletic teams for girls and boys. Matador Area and the other two gyms are the envy of the community. Matador Stadium looks like a college venue. We are fortunate to have beautiful facilities for use by our students and community.


Our activities calendar will keep us all busy throughout school year. Student leaders and clubs provide many opportunities that encourage the development of social skills for all students.
In an effort to make the transition to high school a smooth one, we offer several levels of support. During the eighth grade year, students have the opportunity to attend football and basketball games and attend a school play. Students are invited to visit the school for a morning in the spring. During this time they get a campus tour to see classes in action, and hear about our activities in an assembly. The enrollment process occurs in the spring as well, when incoming ninth graders and their parents choose classes for their freshman year. Students needing extra academic support as freshmen will be required to take Read 180 or Extended Math.