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Dress Code

    1. Students are to be neat and clean upon entering school.
    2. Gang related clothing is specifically prohibited. This includes but not limited to:

    1. Baggy Pants
    2. Over sized shirts
    3. Any Jersey excluding SGHS team uniforms
    4. Lettered belt buckles
    5. No hats, excluding SGHS team hats
    6. Or any other item which could be considered gang related
    1. Appropriate footwear is required at all times. Sandals must have heel straps; no backless sandals or thongs.
    2. No bare midriff tops.
    3. Jewelry must be safe and not distracting to others.
    4. No wallet chains
    5. No clothing revealing bare shoulders
    6. No fishnet or see-thru fabric
    7. No spaghetti straps (cannot be less than 2 inches in width).
    8. No low cut, revealing hip hugger pants
    9. No exposed under garments
    10. Students shall not wear any clothing, badges, or buttons which:

    1. Are obscene
    2. Libelous or slanderous
    3. Express or advocate racial, ethnic, sexual or religious prejudice.
    4. Depict violence and/or cruelty
    5. Advertise alcohol, drugs, or tobacco
Or Any clothing which disrupts the educational process is prohibited.

All this information can be found in the Alhambra Unified School District Parent/Student Handbook