First Day of School is August 14th!...........Priority Processing begins on 8/4 at 7:30am with some 12th graders. Please see the news item below for more info..............Welcome to Debbie Stone, our new Principal of San Gabriel High School
SGHS Counseling Office ~ We are Here to Help You!
The SGHS Counseling Office is located in the Administration Building.
We are open Monday through Friday from 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM.
(626) 943-6830

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Each SGHS student is assigned to a counselor by alphabetical order according to the student's last name.  Each counselor serves a caseload that spans grades 9 through 12. 

Students and families are encouraged to speak with their counselor frequently. Students can make appointments by visiting the Counseling Office and parents can call to make an appointment with the counselor.  Students and families can also contact their counselor directly via the Counselor Request Form:

Counselor Request Form

The counselors are here to assist students under the three ASCA domains: 
  • Academic Development
  • Career Development
  • Personal/Social Development

Office Staff:

Mr. John Scanlan
Assistant Principal of School Counseling


Jacqueline Herrera               Devin Vergo                   Elaine Jong        
A - F                               G - Le                              Li - O   

Janette Chow                     Solinet Wong                Denise Fernandez
        P - Sn                                   So - Z                     Gateway-To-Success

Office Technicians:

 Perla Alpas                   Barbie Gomez              Beda Ramirez                  Patti Ong     
Office Manager                                                                                                                          

Counseling Resources:

Gateway to Success:

College Planning:

California Community Colleges:

CSU Mentor:

UC Application:



Private Univerities:

Career Search:

Occupational Handbook:

Financial Aid:

Scholarship Search:

Academic Help:


Crisis Help:

Suicide Prevention:

A-G Requirements List:

Counselor Presentations:

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